Muskoka Lakes – Cliff Jump Cranberry

Overall 7/10 I have a party at my cottage yo! I’m bringing the cider! We can drink it on my dock. Everyone is invited why don’t you bring all your pasty white friends and let’s dance it up! Jokes aside I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this cider. It’s probably one of the better ciders I’ll […]

KW Craft Cider

Overall 8/10 This shit is good yo. I can’t say I’d be drinking it every day or in excess but it’s damn enjoyable. Probably better to have on a Sunday afternoon on a deck than it is 10:56 PM on a Saturday evening during a goddamn pandemic. Packaging I don’t like how WordPress done fucked […]

Ernest Cider – As Gay As Ever!

Overall 9/10 Who you expecting Elton John? This has really become one of my two daily drivers. If I want something harder I go to Ernest. If I want softer it’s Thornbury. Equally enjoyable in their own ways. Nothing has changed in terms of my overall. This cider packs a punch. Quarantine is a shit […]

Duntroon Cyder House Raindance

Overall 6/10 I’m back bitches and I’m ready to make it rain! I need to drink other rhubarb ciders to decide where this ranks along with them.  I don’t mind it, but on the other hand… It’s missing something I can’t put my finger on. Packaging What can I say?  it’s simple and elegant.  Unassuming.  […]

Duntroon Cyder House Standing Rock

Overall 6/10 That’s my face drinking this cider despite the pretentious bullshit they threw on the name.  I probably gave it an extra point they didn’t deserve because of the Scottish aspect.  I love the Scots.  I always have.  The best analogy I’ve heard is that Scottish people are the shit of the shit on […]

West Avenue Pink Lemonade

Overall 7/10 I really like this but at the same time I feel it’s going to be really situtational.  There will be opportunities over the summer where I’m going to love having a glass of this but I need to make those moments count because this fucker is going to lose it’s fizz the longer […]

Eden Grove Perfect Pear Cider

Overall 1/10 The hall of shame is growing.  I actually really love pears but after this review… FML. Don’t buy this shit.  Like ever.  There’s no reason for it.  I got nothing.  Read the review.  If you still feel like you want to try this don’t say I didn’t warn you and also you’re an […]

Ernest Cider – Now Gay!

Overall 7/10 Fucked if I can remember what I reviewed this the last time and I’m too damn lazy to look.  I think it’s grown on me like my love of a big – oh fuck I shouldn’t start that again. Revel in your month gay people.  I know it’s almost over.  Spend that load. […]