Duntroon Cyder House Raindance



I’m back bitches and I’m ready to make it rain!

I need to drink other rhubarb ciders to decide where this ranks along with them.  I don’t mind it, but on the other hand… It’s missing something I can’t put my finger on.


What can I say?  it’s simple and elegant.  Unassuming.  Almost on the side of bland.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with their design and I do appreciate the consistency in design as well along their different drinks but it just lacks a sense of character.  That said, I am a fan of the celtic knot apple design which fits well with it coming from Duntroon.  But fuck me “cyder” continues to rankle my fucking ability to write this review.

I appreciate that it tells me to “shake gently to rouse before serving over ice” so they clearly know how to make it work best even if the wording comes across as pretentious AF.

I imagine a bunch of these fuckers were making this cyder, getting the can together and saying to themselves…

Completely unrelated I’m watching Eight Legged Freaks and I just watched Scarlett Johansson taser a kid in his dick.  It truly is a magical film.



Cider, Rhubarb

This is genuinely promising.  I will concede the whole outstanding bullshittery of labelling “cider” on a fucking cider drink.  No shit Sherlock.  I know it’s cider.  What is your cider made of?  That said, when I read Rhubarb, I assume it has fucking Rhubarb in it.


I’m trying a new leaf.  I’m obeying the rules.  I’ve roused my can.  I have ice in my glass.  I poured this fucker out and it looks yummy.  There’s a cloudiness to it I wasn’t expecting and a nice bubble foam which then subsided.  I’m genuinely curious as I do love Rhubarb but there are just so many rules around Rhubarb.


You pull it to your nose and it has far more body than you would imagine from a cyder with 4.3% alcohol.  There’s almost an unrefined aspect to it which I’m really appreciating.  Simplicity.


It’s got a damn nice body to it.  This shit is good and thick like Gina Carano.  I mean you look at this.

And then this.  I want.  She can own my shit.

So back to this drink.  Because of the body you can drink it a bit slower and enjoy it.  I’m not really tasting rhubarb though.  It alludes me.  The serving over ice too… It’s watering it down which I am not appreciating either.

So to go full circle, I need to go back to Along Came Polly because this scene is quite possibly one of the most perfect examples of comic genius.