Brickworks Batch:1904

Overall 6/10 I really want to like this cider.  As someone who refers to having two childhoods this cider really speaks to my second one where I grew up in Toronto.  Nothing about this cider is bad until you hit the carbonation and then it just throws all the good out the window and then […]

Seagram Premium Craft Cider

Overall 4/10 Edit – this is now the next morning and I had to go back to this review because my personal indictment of this review is drawn in parallel to this cider. My disappointment in this review is only equaled by my disappointment in this cider. “Craft” cider my ass. Not bad enough that […]

Ardiel Cider House Dry Cider

Overall 7/10 I may be biased because this is definitely on the dry side and I’m a fan of dry cider.  Go figure I hate dry white wine cause the parallel is there.  Oh and fuck grapefruit with it’s puckery-ass fucked-up-ness.  Who the fuck drinks grapefruit to quench their thirst?  No one that’s fucking who.  […]

Reinhart’s Red Apple Cider

Overall 7/10 It’s Christmas in a goddamn can!  “Take a drink from Santa’s dick!” or what I used to call summers with uncle Dale before he went to jail.  I think this is the first light cider I’ve reviewed and it doesn’t disappoint.  Yes I know purists will tell you a cider traditionally had a […]

Shiny Apple Cider

Overall 7/10 I’m trying to decide if this is a case of you can judge a book by it’s cover or you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  The can is all flash which would entertain the idea that the cider would be just that.  All flash and a let down.  It isn’t.  Or […]

Thornbury Village

Overall 9/10 I’m really on the fence as to if this is an 8 or a 9 so I’m listing it as an 9 for now.  I will intend, after drinking enough cider, to do a champions circle and revisit the best ciders I’ve drank to rank those accordingly.  I am NOT doing that with […]

Duxbury Cider Co. Heritage 1650

Overall 6/10 This is some half decent shit I can dig it. I’m not gonna drink a lot of it on account of the flavour being too sweet for my personal preference but I really like the apple taste. What I’m not liking is the weird flatness which is tied to the fucked up nonsense […]

Apple & Cherry Cider

Overall 7/10* This is a good cider.  I’m gonna be contradictory here because this statement is true but so is the reverse.  Nothing says a good cider like one that you can sit and drink and savour and then walk away.  A good “one and done” cider.  This is a “summer Sunday afternoon working on […]

Ironwood Hard Cider

Overall 3/10 Is this even supposed to taste like something? Why is there so much goddamn disappointing cider? Shit is cider flavoured water. I keep revisiting my ratings because fuck me if I keep disappointing myself with this journey. At this point I think I’m in the search for bad cider not good cider. Hey, […]

Ernest Cider

Overall 7/10 I’m going to be biased because this cider is crafted about 15 minutes north of me in Newmarket, Ontario and I already have a history with it having drunk it many times to excess.  This cider is good and deadly and is very “buyer beware” when you start drinking them.  If you’re me, […]