Brickworks The Burgundy Effect



Me drinking this cider.

I’m seriously hard pressed to figure out what number this should have. I was originally going to do a 4 but it’s not bad, it’s just I’m probably not going to drink this entire cider nor is it my jam. This will definitely float someones boat though.

I do like to pump it up though yo. Just pump it.


Well I can’t be the first to say this cider has been ripe for this joke many, many, many times before.

Yes you are.

The can is busy AF. “I need to convey the complexity of flavours but I have to put it in a single image that catches the eye!”. What’s worse is this shit isn’t even standing out. It’s a busy corporate mediocrity that screams “I don’t know! Just get it out the fucking door!”

Fred Willard is that you? You magnificent bastard.

A lot of us have already been there and done that. Hell some of us are still mired in it. Me? I’m fucking Bane.

Corporate bullshit.

What can I seriously say about this can? Consistent branding by Brickworks? Sure? I do like the colour. Burgundy needs more time to shine.


Apple juice, Sugars (apple juice), Black currant puree, Carbon dioxide, Yeast.

Being pedantic is that how you’re supposed to capitalize a list? I honestly don’t know but it looks weird. I’m looking forward to the black currant flavour. I love me some currents. They’re like shriveled black nuggets of gold. Get your mind out of the fucking gutter.


I was going to find a picture of Manute Bol smiling at night but that’d be too racist.

That my friends is fucking dark.

The gayest hand ever. Might as well be holding a dick.

I gotta admit a nice bubble too. It was overwhelming at the start with nice big bubbles but it’s settled down now to almost a low roar. This shit has me intrigued.



This does not smell like apple cider. The apple is taking a clear backseat to the black currant and this is me not giving a single fuck.

She’s my girl.

You have to pull it close to your nose but when you do the smell is strong. I’m genuinely curious to try this now.


Jesus this is so not a cider. Tastes stronger than the 5.4% than it labels itself as. It’s got a strong tartness. The carbonation is a bit strong for my liking but I’ve had ciders far worse.

I think the most pleasant surprise is that coming from a Brickworks cider it’s not crazy sweet. Brickworks and Somersby I put in a similar bracket of trying to sell themselves as good cider when it’s mass produced hard apple juice.

She’s a good craft cider. He’s Brickworks.