Ernest Cider – As Gay As Ever!

Overall 9/10 Who you expecting Elton John? This has really become one of my two daily drivers. If I want something harder I go to Ernest. If I want softer it’s Thornbury. Equally enjoyable in their own ways. Nothing has changed in terms of my overall. This cider packs a punch. Quarantine is a shit […]

Ernest Cider – Now Gay!

Overall 7/10 Fucked if I can remember what I reviewed this the last time and I’m too damn lazy to look.  I think it’s grown on me like my love of a big – oh fuck I shouldn’t start that again. Revel in your month gay people.  I know it’s almost over.  Spend that load. […]

Ernest Wild Blueberry Cider

Overall 6/10 As it stands this is their weakest cider yet.  It’s good don’t get me wrong.  I may have to go back and revisit it as the first cider on a nice afternoon and it may change my outlook.  It’s got a simplicity about itself but it’s missing something to kick it up.  Might […]

Ernest Cider Rubee

Overall 7/10 I’ll be honest this ain’t my thing but at the same time it’s damn good.  I’m not a fan of tart cherries.  I’m not a fan of cranberries.  Fuck I didn’t used to be a fan of cider but you know what?  Here I fucking am and its not bad. Imagine making it […]

Ernest Cider Impeachmint

Overall 8/10 I’m really close to giving this shit a 9 because fuck me it’s good.  I have never had such a pleasant surprise as knocking back this can.  I’ve seen God and this is the face I made. Seriously this article is gonna have a lot of pussyfooting around but this is a damn […]

Ernest Cider

Overall 7/10 I’m going to be biased because this cider is crafted about 15 minutes north of me in Newmarket, Ontario and I already have a history with it having drunk it many times to excess.  This cider is good and deadly and is very “buyer beware” when you start drinking them.  If you’re me, […]