KW Craft Cider

Overall 8/10 This shit is good yo. I can’t say I’d be drinking it every day or in excess but it’s damn enjoyable. Probably better to have on a Sunday afternoon on a deck than it is 10:56 PM on a Saturday evening during a goddamn pandemic. Packaging I don’t like how WordPress done fucked […]

Brickworks Batch:1904

Overall 6/10 I really want to like this cider.  As someone who refers to having two childhoods this cider really speaks to my second one where I grew up in Toronto.  Nothing about this cider is bad until you hit the carbonation and then it just throws all the good out the window and then […]

Seagram Premium Craft Cider

Overall 4/10 Edit – this is now the next morning and I had to go back to this review because my personal indictment of this review is drawn in parallel to this cider. My disappointment in this review is only equaled by my disappointment in this cider. “Craft” cider my ass. Not bad enough that […]