Eden Grove Perfect Pear Cider

Overall 1/10 The hall of shame is growing.  I actually really love pears but after this review… FML. Don’t buy this shit.  Like ever.  There’s no reason for it.  I got nothing.  Read the review.  If you still feel like you want to try this don’t say I didn’t warn you and also you’re an […]

Lost Craft Premium Craft Cider

Overall 4/10 I’m not saying it’s bad but it’s just lacking. It screams simple but not in the way like say the Thornbury Cider but in the “I don’t know how to make traditional cider” kind of way. There’s shit out there far worse than this one but not necessarily as disappointing. This is like […]

D’ont Poke The Bear

Overall 6/10 If I’m going to attempt to poke the eye out of a bear I’m not going to use my finger that’s for damn sure.  I’d own that shit and use my penis.  H’ows that for asserting dominance?  Seriously?  A dinosaur dildo? This is another…. AFUCKINGNOTHER… middling cider.  Not bad.  Not good.  Not horrible.  […]

Brickworks Rose Cider

Overall 4/10 Kevin Sorbo where you at? And that’s it in a nutshell.  I’d drink this begrudgingly on thanksgiving along with all of the other cranberry crap that’s forced on us who don’t like cranberries. Packaging This is the most boring-ass design I have ever come across in a can and lord knows I love […]

Liberty Village Extra Dry Cider

Overall 3/10 Apple goddamn-flavoured water.  This shit is just disappointing like a red-headed step-child. I’m sorry Ryan.  I can’t love you because you’re a soulless anomaly.  Like Harry Potter I would lock your ass under a stairwell with this cider to think about what you are and why no one loves you. Packaging You’re thinking […]

Brickworks Mint & Basil

Overall 1/10 I’m seriously contemplating changing the title of this blog to “I hate cider again…” Either I am left out of some cruel joke or people actually like this cider.  I’m hovering on how low I can go and in doing so I’m trying to decide is this the worst cider I have ever […]

Brickworks Batch:1904

Overall 6/10 I really want to like this cider.  As someone who refers to having two childhoods this cider really speaks to my second one where I grew up in Toronto.  Nothing about this cider is bad until you hit the carbonation and then it just throws all the good out the window and then […]