Ernest Cider Impeachmint

Overall 8/10 I’m really close to giving this shit a 9 because fuck me it’s good.  I have never had such a pleasant surprise as knocking back this can.  I’ve seen God and this is the face I made. Seriously this article is gonna have a lot of pussyfooting around but this is a damn […]

Duxbury Cider Co. Original Sideroad

Overall 6/10 It’s what it is marketed as.  It’s a good middling dry cider.  I don’t know if I’m frankly being completely honest in this review because of my day/night but you know what?  I don’t give a shit.  I am 4 games into the NBA playoffs and so help me God the Spurs better […]

Craft Cranberry Apple Cider

Overall 9/10 I officially need to drag my ass to wherever the hell their cidery is to meet the people behind their drinks. They are producing good simple cider that’s not shit. Simple you motherfuckers. Simple is taking things that are meant to be in a drink form and building on it. Simple is not […]

Brickworks Mint & Basil

Overall 1/10 I’m seriously contemplating changing the title of this blog to “I hate cider again…” Either I am left out of some cruel joke or people actually like this cider.  I’m hovering on how low I can go and in doing so I’m trying to decide is this the worst cider I have ever […]

Tawse Cider

Overall 8/10 I’ve had this a few times as Biermarket in downtown Toronto.  I’d even argue this is probably one of the first ciders I truly enjoyed.  How can Texas be so goddamn Republican and repressed with such a large Mexican population?  I”m watching the San Antonio Spurs play basketball and there’s a mariachi band […]