Duxbury Cider Co. Heritage 1650



This is some half decent shit I can dig it. I’m not gonna drink a lot of it on account of the flavour being too sweet for my personal preference but I really like the apple taste. What I’m not liking is the weird flatness which is tied to the fucked up nonsense they have going on with their carbonation process. It’s like the carbonation equivalent of premature ejaculation. Can gets popped. Crazy ass fiz. You pour. Bam that shit is gone.


Another happy example of simple effective design. I love the colours and I love the bold clear font. Nothing on this can screams “cider” and that’s perfectly fine. That said, I love the little detail of the workhorse pulling the cart full of apple cider. I also like how to put a story on the back of the can. Ya it’s your typical clichéd bullshit but who cares. It’s like being a kid and eating your cereal while you read the nutritional label. I hope I wasn’t the only kid that did that…


Ontario Apples, Sulphites


Ok so that bubbling was weird. I have never seen bubbles come out in such force to completely dissipate. I know it’s not the analogy you want to hear but shit was like when you pour peroxide on an open wound. Christ even the sound was the same. Miss me with that shit. That said, I miss the bubbles. The colour is a good light yellow. It looks mild. I like it.


Can definitely smell the apple which is good. I get no tickle from the bubbles when smelling which is also good. Phantom bubbles. Probably better they aren’t there. They saw my perplexed look and decided to fuck right off.


So that’s a strong apple flavour. Sweet not dry which I’m not a fan of but damn it’s definitely cider. I actually have to say thus far even with the ciders I haven’t reviewed yet this is by far the strongest apple flavour which is surprising in that I don’t understand why it’s not more common.

FYI I’m noticing that of all the descriptive words I enjoy, shit has to be up there.