Apple & Cherry Cider



This is a good cider.  I’m gonna be contradictory here because this statement is true but so is the reverse.  Nothing says a good cider like one that you can sit and drink and savour and then walk away.  A good “one and done” cider.  This is a “summer Sunday afternoon working on the deck” cider.

The * is there because I gotta be honest.  I can hear my dad now “sure it can be good but it’s not a cider”.  As soon as you throw anything in a cider that isn’t an apple it ceases to be a cider.  I mean he’s probably right and he sure as shit has more of a basis to be right because he’s from England.  To be honest I don’t even know what he would refer to this as so I just messaged my mum to find out.  Yes I message my mum to ask my dad something.  Wanna make something of it?

So my dad says “No idea… you?”.  Don’t put that shit on me.  Now I got something to think about.


So fancy eh?  So this is my first Collective Arts cider to review and it’s not gonna be the last.  I understand their can design may be an acquired taste.  I must admit I’m a fan though looking at this can more I draw serious issues with it.  The floating head is just weird.  I just realized there’s a hand down there.  The branches I’m going to assume are flowering apple blossoms or cherry blossoms who knows and more importantly who gives a shit.  I do however like the layout of the can.  Image aside it’s crisp and properly designed.  I can’t leave it alone now that I’ve seen it.  What the fuck is with that hand?  What is it coming out of?  The image looks like it was designed by an OCAD student who’s a fan of Salvador Dali and pulling it solid C grades.



Apples, Cherry Juice, Sulphites

At this point I’m curious if I will ever find a cider without sulphites.  I mean can we do like how most beer has carbon and then along comes Guinness which uses nitrogen instead?


Red rum.  Red rum.  What you can’t see is me saying that and doing the thing with my finger.  As an adult my god that motion could be intensely suggestive.  I really like the bubbles in this one.  It comes out nice and fizzy.


Cherry does have a tendency to give a strong smell and this is no difference.  In cases like this the cherry is the star while the apple is the base.


Despite the smell the apple is not taking the back seat.  It’s actually quite good there’s a healthy mix of the apple with the cherry with neither overpowering each other.  I mean I know we traded Jonas Valančiūnas and I love him but dudes basketball IQ still has so much work.  Guy has so much talent but can make such dumb mistakes.  The carbonation really helps with the flavour too in a way it helps elevate it.  I definitely like how they list the types of apples as it may be a placebo effect but I feel I can taste the different apples.  Fuck I love apples.