Thornbury Village



I’m really on the fence as to if this is an 8 or a 9 so I’m listing it as an 9 for now.  I will intend, after drinking enough cider, to do a champions circle and revisit the best ciders I’ve drank to rank those accordingly.  I am NOT doing that with the shit ciders because fuck you that’s why.

This cider just tastes like perfection.  It goes down so smooth.  The apples are not hiding they are central to the presentation.  Nothing stands out as being pretentious with this cider.  It’s a good, simple cider.


I love this can. It just hits everything for me. It’s kitchy and quaint. It screams apple without smacking you in the face which is not what you want. Like you don’t want a big pair of balls on some guy named Mark smacking you in the face when you’re on a discrete rendezvous in a park bathroom relieving your homosexual tendencies. Everything about this can just plays on and acknowledges how prissy any demographic can be with snobs. This is a “Ontario Craft Cider” which I’m sure draws in snooty fuckers referring to the bouquet of flavours and rich tannins and shit when slugging it back. Plus I know Thornbury very well. There’s actually a lot of fucking orchards up there so I don’t doubt they’re making it fresh. Also kudos on highlighting they have a master cider maker. I ain’t no snob but I know that’s a real thing and it means good things await.



“100% Ontario Apples”, Sulphites

I wish for two things.

  1. I knew what types of apples they were throwing in a can
  2. The ability to easily tell the types of apples


Now this is some nice bubbles.  On the initial pour the fizz comes out strong.  Again, not liking the peroxide sound shit weirds me out and always will.  That said it subsides fast and this has a nice persistent carbonation that runs throughout and oddly the bubbles seem to want to stick more to the glass.


My God.  The glass is sitting about 3 feet from my nose and I can smell the apples.  I think I’m in love.  Bringing it to my nose it’s even better.  It’s such a fragrant smell.  It doesn’t overpower but man you know the star in this cider.  We ain’t hiding that this is apples.  There’s almost a sweetness and freshness that’s being exuded from the glass.


Where’s the bubbles?!  Happily I am surprised they aren’t there.  You can clearly see them all through the glass but it just goes down smooth.  This shit is going down smoother than the disappearance of Brian Dunklemans career post-American Idol.  You want to know what it means to have a Master Cider Maker?  Drink this cider.  Fuck me it’s good.  You can taste the apples.  It’s a bit on the sweet side for me definitely not dry but it’s also got a very light and fresh taste to it.