Brickworks Rose Cider



Kevin Sorbo where you at?

And that’s it in a nutshell.  I’d drink this begrudgingly on thanksgiving along with all of the other cranberry crap that’s forced on us who don’t like cranberries.


This is the most boring-ass design I have ever come across in a can and lord knows I love pink.  I love pink.  You may be thinking to yourself “Ya I love pink too.  She so fit and perky and fun.”

Ya that ain’t the pink I love and crave but I guess watching her dance is having the same affect.

What the fuck is “Nature’s Symphony” btw?  Cause all I can think of is farts and I don’t think that’s what they were getting at with this can.  This is just a goddamn disappointment for design.  I like the pink but everything is just.. blah.  Corporate.


Apple Juice, Carbonated Water, Concentrated Raspberry Juice, Concentrated Blueberry Juice, Sugars (Cane Sugar, Honey), Yeast, Tannic Acid, Maltic Acid

I feel like they could put the kitchen sink in there and I wouldnt be surprised.


“Hey doc? So I’ve been drinking a lot of cider lately and I think it might be killing my liver. Heres the deal… my pee is coming out red but it looks like cider.”

It’s a deeper red than I would have imagined with a good tight bubble. It actually looks very close to a carbonated cranberry juice.


Which brings me to the smell. It’s fucking cranberry juice. Considering they use apple juice as a base for the majority of fruit juices I guess I can’t be surprised. It smells like I pulled a bottle of cranberry juice off of the grocery store shelf. It’s not a bad smell it’s just meh.


You can taste the apple and you can taste the cranberry. They’re harmonizing and it’s not egregiously bad but it’s not overwhelmingly good either. It tastes watered down as well.  There’s a tart quality there you’d expect from the cranberry.  One positive which is in contrast to the cider last night.  Thank fuck they put sugar in this drink.