Ernest Cider Rubee



I’ll be honest this ain’t my thing but at the same time it’s damn good.  I’m not a fan of tart cherries.  I’m not a fan of cranberries.  Fuck I didn’t used to be a fan of cider but you know what?  Here I fucking am and its not bad.

Imagine making it rain with coins at a strip club?  Fuck that would piss off everyone.  Just someone throwing a handful of loonies and toonies at the stage.


I’ve waxed poetic on this brand this is no exception. It’s just simple and perfect. Their branding is really on point with all their ciders. You know right away as soon as you step into the store they’re all made by the same company. Consistency is key when you have a product that people like. If I see a can that looks like theirs rest assured I’m going to buy it because they have the quality and the can really helps that stand out.

Plus it makes me think of one of the best songs of all time. What the fuck happened to country? Like rock it turned into the most vapid stupid bullshit. Sadly hip hop is going/gone that way too. The underground remains strong but it’s exceedingly hard to find…. LIKE MY PENIS!

Seriously listen to the lyrics. It’s about a Vietnam Vet who’s paralyzed and his wife is gussying up to go out and get laid and he’s pleading for her not to. Shit is deeeeeeep.


Apples, Cranberries, Tart Cherries, Honey, Organic Cane Sugar, Potassium Sorbate, Sulphites

I like that they specify tart cherries cause it makes sense. You don’t want sweet at this point. Let’s be honest. I’m sweet enough.


Like a bat to the face this shit ain’t subtle and sometimes you gotta live with it.  Watching the bubbles settle I’m reminded of how much of an abomination it is putting food colouring in drinks like green beer.  This is a delicious deeper pink to red that just begs to be drank.  God I love the taste of pink.  It’s really a colour that begs to be tasted and drank.  I feel I’ve gone on that tangent before.

The bubbles have subsided and now it’s a really small persistent bubble.  It looks good.  Let’s dig in.


Oh it smells so tart.  I’m smelling it and I’m making this face.  I’m also realizing this is officially a Ken/Kenny post.  If you don’t get why well fuck you.


Not as tart as it smells and I’m not complaining but damn the cherry is there in the best way possible.  Speaking of cherries.  Would you believe I’ve never popped a cherry?  I mean, I understand how some people enjoy that shit but was never my thing.  Why would I want to have sex with someone who doesn’t know how to have sex?  Fuck then you gotta train them and shit it’s just a pain in the ass.  Experience is key.  I want a girl that can bring shit to the table I maybe never thought of before.  God I love sex.  I also love the flavour of this cider.