Spirit Tree Draught Cider



A good cider should not come from apple juice. I mean you do press apples to make cider but that doesnt entail you jump right to apple juice. I feel like I’m going to be hammered with volumes of middling ciders. The next one made with apple juice im drinking out of a kids cup with a straw. Disappointed.


I feel like my cans and bottles are going to be a cacophony of reds and greens. I dont like the sticks though cause it looks like pine needles and gives me bad flashbacks to my teen years and bad gin mixed with whatever we could get our hands on. I’m not strongly opposed to the design but it’s not perfect and needs tweaks. I dont like the black crown either.  I mean we get it.  Apples come from fucking trees.  Potatoes come from the ground you don’t see all vodka coming in brown bottles with eyes printed all over them.


“100% freshly pressed apple juice slowly aged in our cellar”, contains sulphites


A bit of a heavier initial bubble and a good sustained fizz. I would argue a bit of a darker yellow. Still very much looks like apple juice. I do question if I will get so vain as to get a manicure with the amount of hand shots I am now taking.


Barely has a smell which is surprising. When I initially pull it to my nose there’s a strange smell which I want to blame on something else but its distinctly apple so has to be the cider. It’s like a weird chemical smell that’s there for a fraction of a second and gone. I am unsure as to if I should be worried.


There’s a sweetness there which is mixed with a tartness and every time I bring the cup to my nose I get kicked with that odd smell. I’m not complaining about this cider but the taste is very much “if I drink too many of these I will yak”. I dont mean this in a mean way but I feel like it was distilled in a bathtub. That doesnt inherently make it bad… it just means it was in a bathtub.  A bathtub that, judging from the packaging, was in the cellar?