Forbidden Dry Cider



It’s not that I’ve had worse cider. It’s that I’ve had better. Like when a child does some stupid shit I find myself looking at the can and thinking to myself “You could have done better”. Hell I’m gonna be brutally honest I’ve never made cider in my life. It’s possible I could have done better. Fermented apple juice my ass. That’s just next level lazy.


Meh. I know shit is subjective but I don’t want to feel like I’m about to drink Halloween in a can. I feel like if I were to google “Tim Burton’s favourite cider” this would come up as the top hit. I had to re-check the can to make sure I didn’t see Copperplate Gothic in the font.



Fermented Apple Juice, sugar, sulphites (seriously this review is starting to make sense now)


Holy shit it’s cider. It’s like pale yellow with bubbles. I do like bubbles though. I don’t want enough to tickle my nose like a good ginger beer but bubbles are a friend to cider. The colour does seem to look a bit too “apple juice” for me.


Surprisingly there’s not much of a smell. I’m trying to think of a quantification but I keep falling on “neutral”. I mean I can smell the cider it just smells… muted?


It’s definitely got bitter undertones. It’s got a good cider taste in that it doesn’t taste like apple juice but it’s almost like the combination of apples just doesnt work. In a way to be contradictory it does taste like apple juice.  Shit is “Fermented apple juice” it’s on the goddamn can!  So ya.  Apple juice with bubbles and an alcohol tinge.  I can’t leave this review alone I keep leaving and coming back.  It tastes like they went to Costco and bought a skid of Rougemont apple juice and decided to turn it into cider.